Landfill Techniques: Geological and Environmental Aspects
Based on the specific demands, particular the EC code, the generalized course of a landfill planning can be performed (hazardous substances - non-hazardous material - inert waste).

Geotechnical Investigation of the Deeper Subsoil
With regard to a proper landfill layout - after a regional planning - an accurate investigation and description of the deeper subsoil is unavoidable. Manner and scale depend on varios criteria:
  • Morphology and infrastructure of the area
  • Type and behaviour of waste
  • Geological/hydrological situation
With reference to the assessment and evaluation of the subsoil characteristics (landfill subbase, filling area, lateral boundarys) at least knowledges (field and laboratory investigations) are necessary in the following themes:
  • Type of morphology
  • Description of the geological barrier
  • Tectonic structures
  • Deeper subsoil (porosity, soluble rocks)
  • Aquiferes (direction and velocity of ground water flow)
  • Earthquake risks
  • If required geophysical investigations are practiced